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Hannatu sets to address the issue of child labor and domestic violence. The beautifully scripted narrative of a young girl "Hannatu" who was promised the world in exchange for domestic service by a seemingly responsible couple, then the interesting twist plays out...
BIAS campaigns against tribal segregation in Nigeria as it preaches DIVERSITY and TRIBAL INCLUSION
'Crushed' is aimed at campaigning against RAPE and INCEST in the African societyWritten and directed by Best Okoduwa and produced by Stephanie Umogbai 'Crushed' tells the story of Adesuwa, who was raped by father at a tender age.
'With or Without' is a SAFE SEX campaign Short film written, produced and directed by Best Okoduwa.The film explores how easy it is to confess safe sex than to practise it.The five-minute short film stars Zikky Alloye, Bimbo Ademoye, Steph Isuma and Amaka Olugu.
Savior' is a short movie aimed at changing every young Nigerian to consciously PARTICIPATE IN ELECTORAL PROCESSES IN NIGERIA (ELECTION AND LEADERSHIP)The story mirrors the life of an average Nigerian young couple and how the event of bad Governance/Leadership destroyed the lives of an average Young Nigerian Couple.