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A documentary About the Lagos State Water Regulatory Commision (LSWRC)

A promotional video on Intelligent Advisory

HEART (A feature length film) Heart thus far has screened in various film festivals and carted away with several awards. It tells the story of Wale Ajayi (Anthony Monjaro), a very brilliant and career driven young Nigerian man, a spinal cord Patient and a true lover married to Ife Ajayi (Jennifer JOHN) a loving and devoted wife. Ima (Esther Audu), Wale’s private nurse for several years silently falls in love with his beautiful heart but everything changes when Wale finally loses the will to live. He’s to lose his heart but the love from both women must prove strong enough to keep him alive. Best Okoduwa and Agnes Obi produced HEART. HEART was written and directed by Best Okoduwa

GUILTY (A feature length film) Guilty tells the story of Chucks played by Daniel K Daniel; a hard-working and successful family man who is very much in love with his wife Oluchi played by Tamara Eteimo and the mother of his two kids. Tragedy looms and the couple is torn in grief and confusion, further complicated with the introduction of an old Igbo myth about infidelity and death of children by Chuck’s Mother, a myth brought to life and validation by Oluchi’s secret affair with Emeka played by Stan Nze. Guilty also stars Greg Ojefua, Jennifer Igbenovia, Favour Okpebri, Valerie Udeh, Pearl Okpebri, and other fantastic actors. Guilty was produced by Joy Okpebri and Best Okoduwa, Written and Directed by Best Okoduwa.

MYSTIFIED (A feature length film) Heartbroken Thelma (Esther Ene Audu) decided to erase romantic relationship from her existence despite the consistent pressure from her best-friend Susan (Dami Ann) until two organized Jokers Teddy (Kenneth Okoli) and Fred (stan Nze) decided to tease her a little. It wasn’t the end they all anticipated as an intricate web gets them all stuck in a bad deal set up by Tee (Duke Elvis) Susan’s dumb baby brother. Best Okoduwa and Dami Ann Alabi produced MYSTIFIED. MYSTIFIED was written and directed by Best Okoduwa.