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Invest in Film – A Tool For Social Change

Your investment today can create a sustainable positive impact on a generation through powerful storytelling. We are very passionate about the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are committed to pursuing these goals through compelling videos.

We have developed treatments on stories bordering around  issues affecting Nigerians and Africans such as Crime, Violence, Terrorism, corruption, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy, female Genital mutilation, Domestic Violence, child abuse, Human trafficking, depression and suicide, cancer, environmental pollution, Youth participation in Governance, Good Governance, Hate Speech, gender equality, Poverty, unemployment, Inclusive education and government policies.

We aim to flood the airwaves with sensitization to these social issues and solutions whilst delivering premium entertainment. We invite you to join us on this revolutionary Journey of changing the world while growing your finances by earning up to 20% return on your investment in Six months.

DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD – Save The world while earning…💲

Partnering with us means for every film project you earn your return on investment in 6 months and you also contribute your own quota to achieving sustainable development in Nigeria and Africa

Support Film Making In Nigeria

Nollywood serves as the country’s second biggest source of jobs for Nigerian citizens and It directly accounts for the employment of over a million people without age or gender discrimination. By investing in Savvy Minaz Nigerian Film Project, you are successfully contributing your quota on job creation and employment in Nigeria.

Available Investment Opportunities

90% of our film projects are executed in Nigeria. Our film projects are managed by experienced Filmmakers with the support of an excellent film crew as well as financial partners. All investments received are 99% guaranteed ROI.

With N3,000,000 you can earn up to 20% on your investment in 6 months

Investment cost varies from film genre to scale of film – Earn negotiated returns in 12 months